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Sunday, July 10, 2022

The good and bad points of PowerPoint

 Microsoft PowerPoint is the single most prominent symbol of the office of the 90s nand onwards. Great tool! But we may ruin the presentation if we use too many slides. How?

1. Connection with the audience is lost. Many people put the PowerPoint on center stage and the presenter is reduced to a voice-over speaking from the dark corner of the room. Good things like rapport, engagement, and personal touch are lost.

2. Information overload is tempting. Let me contrast two presentations I saw. In the first example, the presenter had only 3 points in his talk and had less than 10 slides. Another speaker had about 70 slides and crammed so many things in his lecture. Surely, he was confident that with 70 slides, we wouldn’t forget anything. After four years now, I can only recall the three points of the first speaker.

I think it is still better to make our personal charm the hero, and the PowerPoint deck will always be the sidekick.

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