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Friday, December 27, 2019

7 things to do in the last week of the year

Two decades, even two centuries, are just one tick of a clock apart.

Even though this gap is purely imaginary, we all embrace its symbolism and actual importance. In Colombia, people may run around the house or block carrying a full suitcase to invoke a year of many travels. The Danes jump for a chair to leap into a year of good luck. When I was young, we jumped at the strike of midnight to grow taller.

International risk consultant and bestselling author David Ropeik asserts that the significance we all ascribe to the New Year is connected to the greatest human motivation: the will to survive.

We mark January 1 as a time to start living healthier, i.e., quit smoking, avoid unhealthy food, exercise more, sleep early. We also re-connect with friends and relatives and offer or ask for forgiveness. Ropeik affirms that having good relationships has always been a wise survival strategy.

Below are some of the things I do before the new year. Maybe some of them will be relevant for you, too. They are survival strategies and may help us have a more meaningful, better-enjoyed life.

1.     Protect and organize family pics and videos. Family records are our most important possessions. If we lose them, we can’t get one from any store. No amount of money can bring them back.
2.     De-clutter. We accumulate too many unnecessary things in 12 months. The totally useless things don’t deserve another day in our room or workspace.
3.     Journal seriously. Re-visit the checklist you made in the beginning of this year and have a checklist for the coming year. Is there a vlog or blog you have not started? A cooking lesson you have completely forgotten to enroll in? Any other unfinished business?
4.     Re-connect. You surely have an uncle or aunt who thinks you don’t even remember they exist. Some of your friends think you have become too successful to comment on their social media.
5.     Commit to a healthier lifestyle. This is non-negotiable. Schedule that important health checkup first week of next year. Non-negotiable.
6.     Make family memories. Non-negotiable.
7.     Give yourself a second chance. Dreams are shattered, opportunities are missed, days are wasted, hearts are broken, mistakes are made and lives are messed up. But in that one tick of a clock between two decades, a life can begin again.

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