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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Why have a sense of gratitude in the office

The General Manager of our ad agency told me “ We gave a bonus to every one but only 2 people cared enough to thank the Chairman. “

I was young then. That was when I realized that employees shouldn’t feel too entitled. Today, I make my staff understand that the 14th month pay comes from the goodness of Management.  Even though the 13th month is a government mandatory, we still need to thank the company for giving us employment or we wouldn’t even have a 1st month to 12th month.

I encourage them to send an email to the bosses around Christmas.
( Those of you in my staff who are reading this, I will be watching ! )

There are many things to be grateful for in the office. The learning we get from our bosses, work mates and  training officers.  The experiences. The health benefits.  The parties at company’s expense. The airconditioning and the comfortable furniture.  The (sometimes ) free coffee and the fun talk at the pantry. The list is endless.

A grateful person is a happy person.  Happiness helps us excel at work.

The FC website shared the findings of Shawn Anchor, author of The Happiness Advantage. Anchor noted that people who feel positive tend to be more creative and better at solving problems. Expectedly, they become great at collaboration,too.

Happiness is a choice and a habit  because we can always choose our response to things and events.

If we are not grateful, we can begin to think the office is exploiting or cheating us. Soon enough, we will see more and more “wrong “ things and we begin to attract other miserable officemates.

Some complaints we may have can be valid. Very valid. But after having discussed these with our boss or our HR, we can choose to stay happy and excellent while waiting for results. Being rebellious, whining and being a slacker will only work against us. It’s like parking in the middle of the street just because we don’t like the Mayor.

Dr. Joseph Murphy, author of the classic The Power of the Subconscious Mind, explained why some people don’t get a raise:

“ You constantly mull over your conviction that you deserve more money and greater recognition. By setting yourself in mental opposition to your employer, you are subconsciously severing your ties with the organization. You are setting a process in motion. Then one day your superior tells you, “We have to let you go.”…Your superior was simply acting as the instrument through which  your own negative mental state was confirmed. This is an example of the law of action and reaction. “

So, I suggest you make a list of things to be grateful for in the office. Choose to be happy. When your boss rewards your good performance, please don’t forget to thank me.

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