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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Stay alive. Do not be too absorbed in your gadget.

I am only beginning to read Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life by Jason Hanson and I already want to write this article. This may actually help save somebody today !

The author said that the most important thing he learned in the CIA is situational awareness. It is about paying attention to things around us wherever we may be.   It gives us the ability “to act before a crisis occurs. “

We lose awareness when we are too immersed in our phone or any gadget. Oblivious to our surroundings, we will not be prepared if somebody tries to snatch our phone, punch and rob us or throw acid in our face.

We may be slapped by a woman we have wronged,  gunned down by two men in a bike, or crushed by a piano  falling from above.  We may fall into a manhole, be side swiped by a car or pushed into the railway track.

I think it’s only okay to use your phone in the street if you have a companion. But you cannot be using a phone at the same time.

We must also stay alert while working with our laptop or when reading the newspaper in a coffee shop.

Do you know that when we’re surprised by an attacker or an emergency, it takes a few precious seconds before we can recover from the shock ? If we have situational awareness, such temporary paralysis may not happen.

Hanson wrote that while “CIA officers receive the best possible self-defense training…ultimately it’s situational awareness that’s going to keep an officer alive. “

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